What is it?

ContestJudo.com is a demonstration and instructional download of the techniques that made up my competition judo. Put together with the support and guidance of Beyond Grappling and the University of Judo's Matt D'Aquino and my ever patient brother and Uki Stuart Austin.

Its my first effort at coaching to a video camera, and it took some time and effort, so please check out the sample below, along with a couple of videos I've posted of me using some of the techniques in international competition. If you ever saw me fight you will know my style was a little unconventional, and the download includes some of staples of my judo like Ko-uchi-gake and drop seoi, as well as the more unusual parts, like 'the Nossov' or Sode makikomi.

If you like what you see below please go to www.contestjudo.com and follow the links to buy the download (a bargain at £12.91)!

If you buy the DVD please get in touch to let me know what you think, I will promote it every now and then on the podcast, selling a few copies means i can put a bit more time into the show and invest in some better recording equipment!