Patrick Dawson favourites

I didn't manage to find single video mentioned on the podcast with Pat- however, there are several highlight reels below that show the finish of his fight with van t Westende (throw begins at 1:38), and the finish of Burton v Nakai (throw starts at 0:00), which for me is a perfect demonstartion of commitment to a throw. I've also included a video of his semi final from 2014 Sofia against Kurzhev, which i think is a great example of Pat at his irrepressible best, coming back from a score down, applying pressure to his opponent and coming away with the win.


Euan Burton favourites

First up is the video from 1999 Worlds -100kg semi final- Inoue vs Jang. The attack rate by both fighters, particularly Inoue, is incredible tp watch. The next two videos are of Euan, unfortunately i was unable to find his fight against Km in the final of the Tokyo Grand Slam, so have instead opted for a highlight reel, and his fight against Elmont in the 2010 Worlds (i think for Bronze).